Plastic Free July - Action 2

Accept Reusables

Accept Reusables in your cafe/restaurant

COVID-19 doesn't care, but our environment does!!
Only a small proportion of the plastic we use is recycled, and even when it is, it is often transformed into a low-grade product that is used just once and ends up in landfill.

Recycling helps, but it is only a tiny part of the solution. It’s far more effective to avoid plastic in the first place, which is why we are calling on you to join us in the Plastic Free July challenge.

Accepting Reusables in your business such as coffee cups, takeaway containers and providing a water refill station can make a huge difference to the impact to our environment.


Plastic-free July is all about making simple swaps now, that hopefully empower you to make an ongoing plastic free commitment in your business.

Give back to the planet and you could win artisan pieces of Noosa pottery!! We've got a prize for you that help you and your customers become more environmentally friendly, in style!

What is the Contactless Pour Method

1. The barista will pour the shots of coffee into a clean and reusable in-house vessel as well as steaming the milk in the usual clean and reusable jug

2. Have the customer set down their clean reusable cup down on the counter and ask them to hang onto their lid

3. The barista will pour in the coffee and milk without touching the customers cup

4. The customer can pop on their own lid on and enjoy your brew!!

Request a contactless pour plastic-free counter sticker

Stock unique reusable products your customers will love

Pottery for the Planet do business how they do life - ethically, sustainably and creatively. Their aim is to replace the single-use culture and eradicate plastic waste with their beautiful, unique designs and high-quality, handmade products.Their range of handmade Planet cups and bowls, accessories, tableware, gifts, Mandala cups and more, are all handmade right here in Noosaville. Even the boxes used for packaging are made from recycled cardboard, and wherever possible, all other packaging materials are re-used by-products from other local businesses and consumer waste.

Pottery For The Planet handcrafts a range of unique ceramic products including; reusable cups, travel bowls, teapots, vases and tableware.

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Ready to go plastic free? Plastic Free Noosa helps to protect the environment by empowering the Noosa community in eliminating single-use plastics through direct engagement, recognition and facilitating circular economies.

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