Plastic Free July - Action 1

Choose Plastic Free Noosa Water

Stop selling plastic water bottles

This is how we will break the cycle of reaching for a plastic bottle of water... don't provide them in the first place.

While reusables are our number one focus and recommendation, we totally understand that eliminating plastic water bottles completely can be particularly difficult for some businesses. That's why we have sourced an affordable alternative that maintains similar profit margins to that of plastic bottles, without costing the earth.


Plastic-free July is all about making simple swaps now, that hopefully empower you to make an ongoing plastic free commitment in your business.

Join the movement to eliminate single-use plastic in the Noosa Shire?

We're calling on all businesses in Noosa to choose a better alternative to plastic when their customers are looking to quench their thirst or to make a healthy drink choice. This is not us asking businesses to make a change that they cannot achieve. If a business can simply offer an alternative to single-use plastic water bottles, it will make a huge impact on the environment...

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Ready to go plastic free? Plastic Free Noosa helps to protect the environment by empowering the Noosa community in eliminating single-use plastics through direct engagement, recognition and facilitating circular economies.

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