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Michael Davis

5 Minutes with Michael Davis

Michael Davis is a consultant and electrician with a heart for the natural environment and protecting the beautiful Noosa region.

In collaboration with schools, universities and large businesses, Michael has developed and implemented an interactive community engagement tool that demonstrates in clear, practical terms, energy and simple changes to increase efficiency. He has engaged over 10,000 community members to understand the concept that enables them to make positive changes in their lives to reduce energy usage.

Michael supports households and businesses to reduce energy reliance by facilitating and auditing to identify improvement opportunities.

Can you explain to us what sustainable management and energy efficiency is all about?

Sustainable management is about understanding and meeting your business goals by applying low impact environmental solutions.

Energy efficiency is simply using the least amount of energy to achieve your business needs, which includes not only energy, but also water and waste management.

Your business has been making homes and businesses in Noosa more energy efficient since 2009 – do you think perceptions have changed in the last 10 years?

Yes! There is momentum building in noosa for businesses to demonstrate environmental values and the time has arrived where the social and environmental benefits of taking action is now a smart business decision with win-win benefits.

What was your key motivation behind starting this business?

My personal motivation to start sustainable energy management in 2009 was the realisation that I could play an important role in the solution to the risks of climate change!

I had developed the skills and experience needed to support businesses in understanding their environmental impacts and identifying and quantifying practical solutions.

I had developed the skills and experience needed to support businesses understand their environmental impacts and support them to identify and quantify practical solutions that aligned to their business goals.

Let’s talk about the money, money, money… what is your guess on how much cash businesses have saved by investing in energy efficient solutions?

A business that undertakes the free Ecobiz sustainability coaching sessions typically achieves greater than 10% reduction in each of the utility costs: electricity, gas, water and waste. Many businesses can achieve greater than 50% reductions and some smart businesses can actually make money from the implementation on an environmental solution!

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

One of my greatest achievements was being able to support over 30 businesses and community organisations with Ecobiz coaching sessions to help them all improve their sustainability. The businesses I engaged with, ranging from Australia Zoo to RACV Noosa Resort to the Cooran Community Hall, shows the diversity of businesses in our community taking action.

What are your top three low-cost environmental hacks for businesses and residents alike that they can do today to become more sustainable?

  • Book a free Ecobiz assessment to help you understand your business sustainability baseline
  • Apply for government grants and initiatives to help offset the costs of larger projects.
  • Take action early on any improvements that have multiple benefits.

Tell us your secrets... Or simply, is there anything else you want to share with us?

Sustainable energy management is a local small business driven by the motto to “support our community's transition into sustainable living”.

There are no secrets when it comes to sustainability! I want our community to share information and support each other to help protect our planet.

One of the best actions a business can take is to book a free Qld Government Ecobiz assessment. Your business will receive a sustainability assessment, report and action plan that will guide you on your sustainability journey.

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