We have teamed up with some really inspirational people who have become ambassadors to the project. Here you can learn a little about them. 

Dani Garreton

Dani Garreton is a proud supporter of Plastic Free Noosa. Based in Spain, her art conveys the deep sense of respect and passion she feels for the ocean.


You can see her artwork featured in the posters and signs that we've created for our members to use to tell their customers about their efforts to reduce plastic.

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Cam Spooner

Cam (10) started his Instagram account @cam_saves_the_world and then went straight out and started asking cafe's in Noosa to stop using plastic straws with his campaign #strawlessmarch!


We just love him and asked him to be our junior ambassador. He features in videos for us and represents the youth of today, who really care about this issue and want things to change for the future.  

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Jarrah Small

Jarrah (10) grew up spending her days surrounded by the ocean, national parks and wildlife.


The more time she spends in nature the more she’s realised just how much plastic there really is in our ocean and how it is harming our planet.


She wants to inspire people to care for the environment. She spreads her message through her Instagram account @jarrah._j_j

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Liam Preveti

Liam (14) is the ambassador for our water refill network, a program we initiated through the TAP app to give businesses a viable alternative to plastic water bottles.


He is passionate about reducing plastic waste, especially WATER BOTTLES!

When he is not conducting beach cleanups, he helps to sign up businesses as water refill stations.

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Faith Roche

16 year old Faith has never been one to sit still and let outcomes dictate themselves. Born in the Caribbean, Faith grew up swimming among the iridescent waves, and has always been moved to act for the reality of a sustainable future.


Ultimately, Faith aims to make a global difference in the manner in which people live, and believes in the power of helping people to live an intentional life. 

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