Sustainable Event Criteria

The Sustainable Event Criteria

Tourism Noosa's Sustainable Event Criteria aims to lift event sustainability standards and insist on minimum standards for certain criteria items, such as events to be plastic free.

You'll be required to develop a plastic free policy and action plan, with guidelines and considerations to ensure compliance.

The new Sustainable Events Criteria is robust and has a complete rating system that will give you a percentage figure out of 100% to confirm if your event has been sustainable enough.

Actions to a plastic free event

Welcome to the Plastic Free component of the Sustainable Event Criteria to help Events and Markets significantly reduce their plastic footprint.

We have created a quick guide of five actions towards a plastic free event, plus we have resources to equip you for success. If you achieve these actions, we will certify your Event/Market as a ‘Plastic Free Champion’.

Champions receive recognition and special promotional benefits through our partner networks.

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1. Plastic Free Vendors

Reusable or 100% compostable packaging and foodware (Australian standard or equivalent) is to be used for all food and drink supplied at the event (except drink containers - see water bottle strategy). Compliance to be written in event policy.

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2. Water Bottles

Provide a water station or water refill points on site for refillable bottles. Single-use plastic water bottles are to be eliminated and an alternative offered to their use. Other single-use drink containers should be minimised and captured close to 100% to avoid excess waste.

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3. Plastic bags and soft plastics

Reduce and manage soft plastic packaging. No plastic bags are to be supplied or sold to the public.

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4. Balloons

Implement a ban on balloons, plastic-based glitters, glow sticks, and small disposable plastic toys

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5. Communication

You will need to communicate your actions to all staff, volunteers, vendors and the public, pre, during and post event.


We're here to help you take your event or market to a new level.

These are the other action items within the Sustainable Event Criteria. If you would like to take your sustainable event to a new level, here are some additional actions we can help you achieve. These are not part of the 'Plastic Free Champion' program, but we encourage you to undertake these to help your event achieve a circular system.

BOH Soft Plastics

This action is about controlling the supply chain of back-of-house plastic packaging used or supplied on site


Is there a program in place to offset carbon generated through sequestration e.g. forest replanting or clean energy projects?


Fresh water conservation and waste water contamination are two water management issues to be aware of at your event. Are refill bottles or refill water stations made available for patrons?

Waste at your event

Waste is the single most important impact to your event’s footprint and needs to be managed at every point of your event plan.

Information provided here includes how to appoint a waste contractor who can sort and provide composting, to managing waste stations and volunteers and setting up a collection under the Container Refund Scheme.

Organisers are to take a continuous improvement approach to reducing waste. What they can’t do this time, they will do next time.

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Ready to go plastic free? Plastic Free Noosa helps to protect the environment by empowering the Noosa community in eliminating single-use plastics through direct engagement, recognition and facilitating circular economies.

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