EVENTS - Banning Balloons at your event

Action 4 - Having fun without damaging the environment

There are many environmentally alternatives to balloon releases. You can still have fun, celebrate, and avoid unintentionally littering with wasteful plastics.

Make your event sparkle responsibly by also putting a ban on glitter and confetti.

Banning balloons

Balloons are easily replaced by other items that do not cause harm to our wildlife, such as colourful banners/flags, bunting, kites, bubbles, crepe paper, ribbons & streamers. Consider purchasing or borrowing items that can be reused.

'Biodegradable' balloons are not an alternative, as many animals mistake burst biodegradable latex balloons as food, causing intestinal blockage and death. While natural latex may be biodegradable, the addition of chemicals and dyes in balloon manufacture can make balloons persist for many months in the environment. ‚Äč

Banning Confetti

Confetti is small pieces of plastic that often end up in oceans and waterways where it is consumed by wildlife. There are many creative alternatives available, so there is really no need to include harmful plastic, foil, or paper at your event.

Banning Glitter

Glitter is typically made from polyethylene, which is the same plastic found in plastic bags and a host of other products.

Because it is too small for waste treatment facilities to capture, all glitter is going straight into our local river and out into the ocean where it can be ingested by our marine life.

Educational Videos

Here are a couple of great short videos from Zoos Victoria that illustrate the harm balloons can cause in the environment.

The journey of a balloon in the environment

It just takes one balloon...

You can be part of the solution. Stop using balloons and help save our wildlife.

'When balloons fly, seabirds die'

Every day balloons are released or accidentally escape at outdoor events.

Most people are simply not aware that balloons and their attachments can be dangerous for wildlife. On remote Lord Howe Island, Flesh-footed Shearwaters have been directly impacted by ingesting plastics, with balloons and their plastic clips one of the most prevalent items found.

Get involved

Ready to go plastic free? Plastic Free Noosa helps to protect the environment by empowering the Noosa community in eliminating single-use plastics through direct engagement, recognition and facilitating circular economies.

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