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Dani Garreton

Dani Garreton

Dani Garreton is a proud supporter of Plastic Free Noosa. Based in Spain, her art conveys the deep sense of respect and passion she feels for the ocean.

You can see her artwork featured in the posters and signs that we've created for our members to use to tell their customers about their efforts to reduce plastic.

What is one of your favourite childhood memories?
I grew up in Chile, a country that has more than 5,000 kilometers of coastline, so probably my favourite childhood memory is the endless summers I used to spend at the beach with my younger sister; frolicking in the water, building sand castles and collecting seashells. I remember once my little sister collected a lot of cigarettes butts and tried to eat them. She got a terrible tummy infection and ended in the hospital. I think that was one of the first memories I have of ocean litter being the worst.

Why are you drawn to the ocean as a subject for your art?
I think we are inspired by things we love and our will to protect them. My bond with the ocean is very emotional, it helped me heal through my dark times and its an endless source of joy. Its also something I experience on a daily basis so its very close to my heart.

We love your Sip, don't Suck artwork. What drove you to draw this?
I am always looking for ways to create awareness about the state of our oceans. I read in the Lonely Whale foundation that in the US alone 500 billion plastic straws are used every year and it really shocked me! We don't realise how much single use plastic we use daily in the most darndest things.

Do you see much plastic on beaches or in the ocean in San Sebastian?
Yes, especially after big storms in winter. Tons of trash end up on the shore. The city spends a lot of money cleaning the beaches, so you don't get a real impact of the the situation.

Do you have a plastic bag ban or container deposit scheme in Spain?
Not yet. Spain its just starting to catch up on the terrible impacts of plastic. We are way behind the northern countries in terms of recycling systems. This year Spain started charging a tiny fee for plastic bags in hopes it will discourage people from using them so much, but we have a long way before a ban. We will start a campaign with Panthalassa to reduce plastic bags use in San Sebastian soon and hopefully a complete ban.

Do you feel a person can create change by reducing their plastic use?
Absolutely. Of course its always better and faster when the government is involved with stricter laws but as an individual you can make your small part and a lot of individuals together can create a movement and really make a change.

The ocean's your passion, what's the biggest thing you'd like to change?
Definitely what hurts me the most is plastic pollution because we as humans are directly responsible for it. We need to stop treating the ocean as our dump. Many people don't make better choices because they are not well informed, so education is crucial. We only have one planet, we better protect it!

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