Bottles for the Biosphere

Anita Butler
Plastic Free Noosa

Plastic Free Noosa launches ART SERIES bottles

These bottles shine light on the Glossy Black-Cockatoo population and their habitat in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

We care a lot about our environment here in Noosa, which is why we were named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2007 and why carrying plastic bottles of water around is just so uncool! Especially now, when there is an affordable and attractive alternative to switch to with the NOOSA Collection of aluminium bottled water from Bluesky Beverages.

To celebrate World Biosphere Day on 3 November, Plastic Free Noosa partnered with the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation to create the first NOOSA ART SERIES bottles. The still and sparkling bottles will shine a light on the incredible work being done by our Noosa community to protect the rare and beautiful Glossy Black-Cockatoo population and their habitat in the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.

Why we were named a Biosphere

The Noosa Shire Council area was designated UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve in recognition of the community’s ongoing commitment to conserving our rich biodiversity through sustainable development. We are super lucky to have our own Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation (NBRF) that supports ‘Big Ideas’ that enhance our Noosa lifestyle and protect our natural environment.

Our people love nature, and nature loves us, and it’s how we bring the people and nature together that makes our Biosphere Region so special.


The Glossy Black-Cockatoo is one of the rarest and most threatened species of Australian cockatoos and is found in declining numbers in eastern and south-eastern Australia. South-East Queensland hosts some of the most significant populations of this quiet and shy bird, and lucky for us, Noosa is one of them!

Glossy Black- Cockatoos are renowned fussy eaters, only feeding on the cones of selected she-oaks (Casuarina and Allocasuarina to be precise), so protecting their habitat is vital to the continuation of the species.

NOOSA ARTIST: Special thanks to local artist Suzanne Bloomfield, who has kindly donated her artwork for these two stunning NOOSA Special Collection Bottles.

Suzanne is the Illustrator of the Fussy Glossies children’s book and we thank her for her amazing support and dedication to help save our Glossies.

For more information about the bespoke Noosa bottled water and where to purchase them, check out our Water Bottle Strategy. Plastic Free Noosa is making the switch easy while at the same time making a big impact on the planet.

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