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Help protect the place you love and feel good by keeping your green credentials in check.

Here in Noosa, we have a long and proud history of protecting, preserving and looking after our pristine environment - it's one of the main reasons why people love holidaying and living in Noosa!

When you visit our beautiful region, please treat it with respect and join us in being responsible citizens. Here are a few simple ways you can connect with Noosa and leave a positive impact on our local environment:

Take 3 for the sea

Take 3 pieces (or more!) of rubbish with you when you leave the beach or anywhere and you'll make a difference.

This can even be a fun game if you’re visiting Noosa with the whole family! - Who can pick up the most plastic on your afternoon beach stroll? What plastic items did you find?

And of course we ask you to please take your own rubbish with you and place it in one of the many public bins in Noosa.

Eat local

This is not only great for mother Earth's health (as it reduces carbon emissions created by food miles) but also for your own.

Some of Australia’s best producers who are dedicated to organic, nutritious and delicious local produce are here in Noosa's hinterland. You can visit some of these growers on a Noosa Country Drive or taste their fresh produce in local restaurants or weekly farmers markets.

The Snail of Approval logo helps you to identify food outlets preferencing local product.

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Get hands on

Why not join one of the regular conservation events in Noosa - it's a great way to meet passionate Noosa locals and make a difference while on holiday.

Are you committed to the war against plastic? Join a local community beach clean-up! Do you absolutely LOVE koalas and would do anything to protect this fluffy Australian icon? Help us plant koala feed trees!


This is the official welcome of the local indigenous owners, the Kabi Kabi. While in Noosa, immerse yourself in local culture and pay your respect to the traditional owners, past, present and future, and their rich history.

Head to the Noosa Museum in the country town of Pomona to see and learn about some of the authentic Kabi Kabi artefacts and memorabilia and to visit the Island of Reconciliation.

Want to learn more about our local custodians?

Meet them HERE

We like to move it, move it

The best way to travel from A to B in Noosa is by foot or bike. It’s not only much more fun, exciting and efficient to scoot around Noosa on a bike but you’ll also help keep emissions out of the atmosphere.

You’ll also be doing something to improve your own health while on holidays. We’ve put together a list of local bike hire companies for you.

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Look after our wildlife

Noosa is home to 44% of all Australian bird species, 1365 species of plants and 711 species of animals, many of which are rare, threatened or endangered.

Many animals choose to live in or visit Noosa regularly as our pristine environment provides plenty of natural habitat. We ask you to help us look after our local furry, winged, prickly and water-dwelling residents and preserve their home.

Stay on designated tracks in National Parks, leave animals, plants, rocks and wood where you find them, pick up your rubbish and avoid noise pollution.


We’re very lucky in Noosa to have free public transport available during Queensland Easter and summer school holidays. We encourage you to leave the car at home (or hotel in this case!) and hop on a local bus, walk or ride, drop & go or catch the Noosa Ferry.

This will help the environment, reduce road congestion and chances are you’ll hear some great “local tips" from the bus driver or a fellow passenger on where to eat or what do.

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Imagine having your very own Noosa tree! Here in Noosa we’re committed to giving back to the environment which is why we started the Trees for Tourism initiative.

Pop into our Noosa Visitor Information Centre in Hastings Street to make a donation towards tree planting in Noosa. We’re proud that our major local events also have come on board with this meaningful project and donate $1 per participant to the Trees for Tourism project.


Many tourism operators in Noosa are passionate about protecting the environment and have introduced green practices to help protect and enhance our environment.

Before choosing accommodation, tours, experiences or restaurants, check out different businesses and choose ones who you feel do the right thing.

Many businesses have completed the Noosa Eco Check program, are Eco Tourism certified or joined initiatives like Plastic Free Noosa or Slow Food Noosa.

Say no to plastics

Noosa is dedicated to eliminating single-use plastics and we were selected as the first community in Australia to take on this battle!

We’re doing pretty well since the Plastic Free Noosa campaign started in 2018 with over 4.5 million pieces of plastic eliminated to date.

Join our war against plastic and choose green alternatives. You can even buy your very own Noosa reusable bottle and jute bag and in the local Visitor Information Centre. What a great souvenir to take home.


The Plastic Free Noosa initiative is a community project to protect and preserve the paradise that is Noosa. The program is entrenched in the community to ensure protection of our natural environment. We’re calling on the help of local's, and visitors alike to drive demand for better alternatives.

Get involved

Ready to go plastic free? Plastic Free Noosa helps to protect the environment by empowering the Noosa community in eliminating single-use plastics through direct engagement, recognition and facilitating circular economies.

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