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Swimming pools and brightly coloured pool inflatables go hand in hand but what happens once they are punctured or updated with the latest designs or must-have inflatables? Pool inflatables are not recyclable via mainstream methods and are destined for landfill.

PLOYS reduces plastic waste and repurposes punctured pool inflatables to create 100% recycled PVC one-of-a-kind weatherproof bags, purses, accessories and home decor.

Since designing and creating products from waste found in the backyard in January 2020, PLOYS has diverted nearly one tonne of inflatables from landfill.

Locally owned and operated, all PLOYS products are handmade by Carin and her amazing crew of local mums across the Sunshine Coast.

PLOYS are committed to creating plastic-free seas and donate a percentage of sales to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Donate your unwanted PVC to PLOYS

Do you have punctured or unwanted pool inflatables that are less than one year old? Or perhaps rubber boats, air mattresses or even a broken umbrella? Become a PLOYSHERO and donate your unwanted PVC to a PLOYS drop-off point and divert plastic from landfill.

If your pool inflatables are from SUNNYLIFE, amazing - you can post your SUNNYLIFE inflatables to PLOYS for FREE thanks to the SUNNYLIFE and PLOYS PVC Recycling Campaign.

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