What happens after I join?

Once you join, we'll make a time to come sit down with you, check out your current products, find alternatives and solutions that work for you, and identify where you can get them. In most cases, you'll be able to stick with your current distributor.

We'll bring catalogues and samples so you can see and try out alternatives. We can help you with signage, staff training and give you easy solutions to reduce costs. And we're on hand to assist you through the entire process. ‚Äč

What plastic items will you help me eliminate?

Our program will help you eliminate six single-use plastic items; water bottles, coffee cups/ lids, straws, food ware (cutlery, cups, lids etc), takeaway containers and plastic bags.

We chose these items specifically as they are commonly found in the litter and waste streams and pose significant risks to wildlife. They also have readily available solutions.

These items form the basis of our Plastic Free Champion system and give members specific targets to work towards. However, we can assist you with other plastics as well, just ask when we come to chat to you. We continue to work on back-of-house and composting solutions for our members as well.

Priority Plastic Items

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Apart from the personalised advice and support discussed above, members who join and eliminate at least one of the target six items will receive:

  • Discount offers from major suppliers (see current offers)
  • A specially designed and printed 'Plastic Free Members sign and web badge
  • A listing in the 'Member Directory' and map on our website
  • A web badge for your website that identifies you as a member
  • Direct promotion on our Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Promotion of the campaign from our partners

What are the benefits if I eliminate all of my single-use plastic?

Members who eliminate all six of our target items will become a certified 'Plastic Free Champion' and receive the following additional benefits:

  • Further discount offers from major suppliers
  • A specially designed and printed 'Plastic Free Champion' sign and web badge
  • A featured listing on the 'Plastic Free Champions' page on our website
  • A 'Champion' location marker on the directory map on our website
  • Direct promotion of your business through our media partners
  • Listings on our regular newsletter to our individual members


If you're stuck or have any questions or comments, we'd love to talk to you!

Alternatively, send an email to:
E: info@plasticfreenoosa.org

Note: Information provided by Plastic Free Places and modified to suit Queensland businesses.

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Ready to go plastic free? Plastic Free Noosa helps to protect the environment by empowering the Noosa community in eliminating single-use plastics through direct engagement, recognition and facilitating circular economies.

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