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Is your business or organisation ready to go plastic free?

We know you want to ditch the plastic, your customers have been asking, the Queensland State Government is legislating bans on single-use plastics and you've probably been thinking about it for a while.

But you're busy, and the different packaging options are confusing, especially compostables vs recyclables - who has the time to figure that out?​ On top of this, you might be worried about costs and whether the products will even suit your needs.

We hear you! With our help, you won't end up paying more for cleverly marketed plastic or falsely labelled environmentally friendly products. In fact, we can help you reduce costs and work towards the goal of zero waste operations.

The Criteria

In response to the Queensland State Government's single-use plastic bans effective September 2021, the Plastic Free Noosa Member Criteria now expands beyond the initial six plastic priority items from 2018 and supports additional sectors in 2023.

From March 2023, we are pleased to announce the program is continuing to work towards the elimination of plastic water bottles and takeaway coffee cups and lids, plus now encourages members to work towards zero waste operations in support of the new Plastic Free Noosa Member Criteria.

Members who achieve five of the seven criteria items detailed below will be awarded and promoted as Plastic Free Noosa Champions.


We recognise and promote our members for their awesome sustainable efforts and achievements and hope to connect them with the community through the Plastic Free Noosa Business Directory. We cannot wait to add your business or organisation to this directory!

Plastic Free Noosa Business Directory

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Ready to go plastic free? Plastic Free Noosa helps to protect the environment by empowering the Noosa community in eliminating single-use plastics through direct engagement, recognition and facilitating circular economies.

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